About Roberta Hoskie

A true example of success and breaking the poverty curse displays itself in the Roberta Hoskie story. Roberta was born in New Haven, CT. She was a single teenage mother that faced homelessness, then became a serial entrepreneur who has touched over 7,000 homes. Roberta is a real estate broker, real estate investor, author, and powerful inspirational speaker.

Roberta Hoskie is the founder of RH Enterprises which comprises Outreach Realty Servicing, Outreach School of Real Estate, 1000 Black Families homeownership program, and is the Chieftain of an international faith-based sisterhood, The Ms.Millionaire Mindset Sisterhood.

Poverty Curse Broken: The Roberta Hoskie story and her contributions to economic, political, and social repair reaches and impacts globally. She has received countless awards and recognition from local and international media and government outlets.

Dr. Roberta Hoskie holds a Doctorate of Divinity, a Doctorate of Theology from Heart Bible Institute, and an Honorary Doctorate in Community Development from LADC Institute.

Her God-given purpose is to help as many people as possible break what we have deemed as the Poverty Curse, Live in the State of Abundance, and Develop a Millionaire Mindset.

Roberta provides more transparency about her life in an inspiring story of hope and beating the odds in her memoir, “Poverty Curse Broken: The Roberta Hoskie story”


"My Life Mission is to Help as Many People as I can to Break the Poverty Curse, Live in Their Divine Purpose and Create Generational Wealth"

-Roberta Hoskie-



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